Review: Enemies to Lovers by Aster Glenn Grey (2021)

Heat Factor: It’s short and steamy!

Character Chemistry: It’s a pretty sweet and average meet-cute at first, until everything clicks and you realize THEY’RE ONLINE ENEMIES!! Then it’s full steam ahead…

Plot: Megan is a fanfic writer who meets a fellow fan (who is also literally her other half, interests-wise) only to discover that Sarah is her harshest critic online. When she goes to confront her in their writer’s group, they end up stuck together and sparks fly.

Overall: This is short, sweet, witty, and funny—but yes, it does have a lot of niche-specific language that can be kind of confusing if you’re not into online fanfic.

In this very cute novella, Megan is an introverted fanfic writer who goes to a graduate student mixer only to discover that the absolutely PERFECT-for-her woman she’s just met is her harshest critic online. When they meet up before their writer’s group, Megan confronts Sarah (who is horrified but refuses to back down) and before they can go their separate ways they are handcuffed together for a writing exercise. 

Yes, it’s an enemies-to-lovers AND a forced proximity. The juiciest of witty romance set ups.

Megan and Sarah are forced to discuss their differing opinions and end up…working through their very strong feelings. (It’s kind of not very hateful hate sex.) It’s steamy.

This novella IS sort of niche because fanfic online culture is an integral part of the plot. The author does not explain the terms and abbreviations the first time she uses them, so I had to stop and attempt to look them up online (it was actually much harder than I anticipated). I normally have very little difficulty just putting things I don’t fully understand on my mental reader shelf and going with the flow, but actually the fanfic part is threaded throughout their character development, their attraction, and even in the big sex scene. So while I fully enjoyed the story and it certainly wasn’t impossible to understand without that knowledge base, it was very clear that the story would especially resonate with readers who are at least somewhat familiar with online fanfic forums.

And that’s pretty much it, kids. Short and sweet, just like the novella.

I voluntarily read and reviewed a complimentary copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own. We disclose this in accordance with 16 CFR §255.

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