Wrap Up

October 2022 Wrap Up

Happy November! We hope everyone had a safe and fun Halloween, and that you’re mentally preparing for the upcoming season of holiday madness. But first: a wrap up.

Our Favorite Reads…

Erin’s Choice: Contract Season by Cait Nary

In another instance of perfect trope is perfect, this fake relationship romance pulls out all the stops.

Holly’s Choice: Reckless by Selena Montgomery

The growing tension in the romance perfectly matches the growing tension in the murder mystery in this well-crafted romantic suspense novel.

Ingrid’s Choice: The Stand-Up Groomsman by Jackie Lau

Ingrid swooned hard for this smart grumpy-sunshine duo with lots of humor and heart.

More from the Blog…

Notes from Romancelandia…

Are you interested in fairy tale retellings? Romance author Renee Dahlia has put together a list of them, organized by source story. (Renee and fairy tale scholar Philippa Borland talk about this list and other fun things about fairy tale romances on a recent episode of Shelf Love.)

And here’s a great essay about the protagonist problem in fantasy writing, and how Nalini Singh’s psy-changeling series gets around it.

Coming Soon…

We’ve got some ARCs that we’re super-excited about, plus a whole week of cowboy romances!

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