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Review: Twilight Bone: Pounded by That Handsome Bigfoot Hiding on the Wing of my Plane Whose Wiener is Huge by Chuck Tingle (2022)

Heat Factor: The narrator really can’t get over how huge this bigfoot’s weiner is

Character Chemistry: In true erotica fashion, the chemistry is all in the desire for the sexytimes

Plot: Man must save airplane by having sex with the bigfoot that balances out the wings

Overall: This is just pure “Whaaaaaat?” But the X-Files spoof bonus story killed us dead.

What’s one key piece of information you think a reader should know before getting Twilight Bone: Pounded by That Handsome Bigfoot Hiding on the Wing of my Plane Whose Wiener is Huge?

Ingrid: This one was so ridiculous. I thought Erin was kidding when she said I was going to need a minute between books, but I had to put this one down. Like, of course there’s just a bigfoot hanging out on the wing of the plane. This is my theory: Chuck Tingle has some administrative job where he sits and waits on people a lot, and he just sits and daydreams for hours.

Holly: This one… Yeah… The whole… This one felt the most self-referential within the Tingleverse. There are all these little callbacks and Easter eggs, like they’re riding Buckaroo Airlines, and he gets a chocolate milk. 

Ingrid: He gets DRUNK on a chocolate milk

Holly: But they’re also like, “This is just how airplanes work, and every airplane has a bigfoot with a giant schlong that stands on the wing of the airplane to correct the drag!” And the characters are just like, “Yep, that’s how airplanes work!” Okay.

Erin: This one was my third Tingler, and I felt like it was more pure erotica in format. There’s no notion of a happily ever after—except that our hero feels more comfortable flying now that he knows there’s always a bigfoot who’s keeping planes safe. 

And the fact that the penis had to be flaccid for it to work… It was so banana pants. 

Ingrid: I had to keep smothering my laughs because the thing that kept getting me was that he kept shouting about the bigfoot’s penis. It wasn’t just that he was there, he felt like he had to include that specific bit of information. Like, “There’s a bigfoot on the plane AND HE HAS A HUGE DONG!”

What did you enjoy about this book?

Erin: It was as hilarious as the title implied it would be. I felt like there was a risk because sometimes these covers seem like the funny part is the cover. But also, it was erotic.

Holly: In this one our narrator is already gay, already interested in weiners. In the other books there’s a negotiation of “I’m straight but under these circumstances I could do this.” But in this one the narrator was already into having sex with a bigfoot and into his big penis.

Ingrid: For me, the appeal of this one was that, where the Raptor one had more of a focused plot, this one barely had a plot. So a lot of the forward movement is in the Easter eggs and the witticisms and the fun. It seemed more about enjoying the experience than about crafting the book. It was good, but it was a lot more absurd than the others. Somehow. I’m not sure how. 

What questions do you have now?

Erin: I have a question about physics. And how a plane would be so unbalanced that a bigfoot with a giant flaccid penis would be the thing that solves the problem. Just curious. 

Holly: Erin, I think you’re thinking about this too hard.

This is not a question, per se, but an avenue for conversation: I’m curious about how Tingle’s writing style has evolved. Because this story read a little different from “Space Raptor Butt Invasion,” and I don’t know if that’s just a one-off because of the specific stories we chose or if his writing style is becoming more insider-y. Now a Tingler is a specific kind of thing, and you read Tinglers if you are already in the know about Chuck Tingle. Or not?

Erin: I think that’s a great question. There was a very distinct difference between “Space Raptor Butt Invasion” and the Christmas one, which are both years earlier than this one.

Holly: I think we would have to read a lot more Tinglers to really fully analyze his writing style, which is not a commitment I’m going to make, but I did think it was interesting.

Ingrid: How does one get drunk on chocolate milk? I don’t know.

Erin: I thought it was funny that they had every variety of chocolate milk. They were like, “We have soy, and oat, and cashew chocolate milk.” On an airplane.

What about the bonus story?

Erin: It was an X-Files spoof! It was amazing! The best part is he had to power the TV by sticking the plug up his butt. But then they’re like, “It’s a time machine!” And then they’re like, “Nope, it’s actually an alien!”

Ingrid: Trying to listen to you guys describe these books is so hard because there’s no commonly-used plot for me to fill in mentally (they’re all bananas), so me hearing about them without having read them is going to be an interesting predictor for how people are going to read these reviews. 

Holly: I just thought it was the perfect X-Files spoof. It was so clear that that’s what he was doing. There’s a scene where the main character, I don’t know if it was Mully or Sculder (there was some switching between which character has which traits), where he’s throwing pencils into the ceiling, and I was like, “Yep, I remember that.” And then it gets really meta at the end where he realizes that he’s just a character in the story and he can end or become something else and he jumps to another reality in the Tingleverse and now he’s a bigfoot sommelier. It was the perfect ending to an X-Files spoof erotica.

Final Thoughts:

Ingrid: What to say? What to say?

Erin:I think the bigfoot story was fun and hilarious, but the real show-stopper was the X-Files spoof. It was exceptional. 

Holly: This was probably my least favorite of the ones we read. It wasn’t bad, but I thought it was the least interesting. 

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