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Author Spotlight: Lucy Parker

Looking for a new author to try? Here’s everything you need to know about Lucy Parker, whose books include Act Like It (and the rest of the London Celebrities series) and Battle Royal.

What She Writes: 

Contemporary romances featuring Londoners in the public eye—think theater actors or celebrity chefs, rather than royals or movie stars. 

What Makes Her Unique: 

Parker absolutely nails the grumpy-sunshine antagonists-to-lovers dynamic. Elizabeth and Darcy are the model to live up to here, and Parker’s protagonists display that tension perfectly. 

Also, characters actually get stuck in traffic, like, all the time.

Writing Style: 

Alternating 3rd person point of view. Characters are witty and sarcastic, both in internal thoughts and in dialogue, so the books are peppered with laugh-out-loud wry observations. This wit is balanced by moments of seriousness, resulting in well-balanced books.

Us Reading Her Books:

Why We Love Her:

First off, Parker’s books feed our anglophile tendencies: they are very, very British, and very, very rooted in London.

We love that she’s super sex-positive. Characters jump in bed because they feel like having sex and sometimes it’s mind-blowing because of true love but sometimes it’s just fun. No slut shaming here. (But we would not call these books high heat.)

But the main thing is this: if we’re looking for a fantastic grumpy-sunshine book with lots of emotional heft to it, Parker delivers every time.

She Might Not Be For You If: 

Parker’s books are consistently marketed as comedies, and while they are funny, they are not slapstick-y and frequently feature characters who are dealing with grief or trauma. If you want to be laughing the whole time, these are not the books for you. 

If you love a good grumpy heroine, be aware that Parker’s grumpy-sunshine duos exclusively have grumpy heroes.

Also note that Parker’s Londoners speak in British English—this includes slang and spelling. If seeing color spelled “colour” will throw you off your game, give these a pass.

Notable Quotation:

He was silent for a few breaths. 

“There are a lot of words I’d use about Sabrina Carlton. Liking is not one of them.” 

Obstinate. That worked. Snarky. Questionable taste—she blasted shit music through their dressing room walls, she’d named some horrifying and very public sculpture after him, and for years, she’d been hung up on a guy that anyone could see was an absolute prick. Despite their history, she was still a stranger in a lot of ways. There were a million things he didn’t know about her, couldn’t answer about her. But he was also certain that if someone gave him a piece of paper and a pen, he’d be able to draw her profile accurately down to the last eyelash


Content Warnings: 

Grief (usually over deceased family members), toxic media nonsense, occasional terrible human being secondary character.

The Bottom Line: 

The Elizabeth-Darcy dynamic may be played out a lot in romance novels, but Parker just does it so well. 

Start With: 

Act Like It. Then immediately read the rest of the London Celebrities series.

4 thoughts on “Author Spotlight: Lucy Parker”

  1. I’m a HUGE fan-girl of the London Celebrities. In my rom-fic course for my senior students, we watch Pride and Prejudice and then read several romances that are P&P parallels/homages/nods/mirrors and Act Like It is one of them: the garden scene when Richard buys a plant is our FAVE!

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