Review: Dino Stud by Lola Faust (2023)

Heat Factor: Only one vanilla scene? I was surprised.

Character Chemistry: If we know nothing else, we know Tallulah has the hots for Reid

Plot: PhD student Tallulah invites herself to a hidden, secret dinosaur ranch for a summer job

Overall: It’s more about the mystery of the dino ranch than about the dino stud (and please do take stud to mean its filthiest possible interpretation)

File under: books Erin picked up exclusively because of the cover. I mean, look at it! It’s a wonderful homage to old school category romance covers! Also, the title is Dino Stud

Came for the bonkers…didn’t really get it? I’d say it’s camp, but Lola Faust is known for dinorotica, and this just wasn’t that. The writing is probably just fine, like it didn’t have a lot of distracting errors, but I probably could have lived without about 50% of Tallulah’s persistent ruminations about how much she wanted Reid and whether or not he was into her. BUT if you’re really just looking for a short campy read, then take this for what it is and you’ll probably be entertained. 

The premise is that Tallulah is really into dinosaurs and decides to see if she can find this hidden dinosaur hatchery ranch and finagle a summer job that will give her hands-on experience with dinosaurs (we’re already aware that we’re living in an alternate reality with reanimated extinct creatures). Immediately we sense that all is not as it seems, but as we follow Tallulah through her first 48 hours on the ranch (if that), we get very few answers but very many thirsty thoughts about the boss, Reid Canmore (who is thicc and scrumptious). 

There are a number of other characters introduced, but they’re not particularly developed, nor is the ranch especially developed unless its purpose is for Tallulah to fall more in lust with Reid. I think overall this might be a case of expectations not meeting reality for me; I expected something totally bonkers and horny, but instead I got something campy, earnest, and not particularly sexy. So maybe if you go into the read with more reasonable expectations, you’ll have a more positive outcome?

I voluntarily read and reviewed a complimentary copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own. We disclose this in accordance with 16 CFR §255.

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