Wrap Up

April 2023 Wrap Up

Here’s everything we got up to on the blog this month!

Our Favorite Reads…

Holly’s Choice: Hotel of Secrets by Diana Biller

This book is just delightful, with ultra bonus points for the unusual setting of Vienna in the final heyday of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Erin’s Choice: Diamond Ring by K.D. Casey

Do you like to be emotionally gutted? Then do we have a book for you!

Ingrid’s Choice: Enemies with Benefits by Roxie Noir

Sexy banter AND a great set up for the next book in the series. What’s not to love?

More from the Blog…

Notes from Romancelandia…

Romance author Kelsie Hoss put together a list of her favorite grumpy-sunshine romances. We’ve read almost none of these, but Ingrid’s absolute favorite (By a Thread by Lucy Score) made the list.

Coming Soon…

As always, a mix of ARCs and older books…plus, we’ll be spending a week reading some category romances from the 80s! (Last time we did this, the theme was mustaches. The theme this time is slightly less exciting, but only because nothing is more exciting than mustaches.)

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