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Review: This is Not the End by Sidney Bell (2021)

Heat Factor: The sex writing is remarkable. Also there’s pegging. 

Character Chemistry: I believe the friendship. I believe the attraction. And I believe the love. 

Plot: The third wheel becomes an equal partner.

Overall: This is a beautiful book.

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Review: Confined with the CEO and the Bodyguard: Kelsey by Jordana Pearce (2020)

Heat Factor: It’s definitely sexy

Character Chemistry: Sexual chemistry for sure

Plot: Sexy lockdown rumpus

Overall: The sex writing was really well-executed, but I didn’t buy all of the emotional stuff

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Anthology Review: Duke I’d Like to F… (2019)

Heat Factor: Each novella has at least two sex scenes, but I don’t think the stories quite cross the line into erotic romance. Bonus points for lots of explicit consent. 

Character Chemistry: Sizzling. In every story. 

Plot: Woman propositions Duke. Duke agrees to sexytimes. “But we can’t have anything more.” Everyone wants more. 

Overall: Sexy and fun

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Hot Takes by Holly

Yes, please do jam your fingers into my mouth

It’s time for another installment of That’s Not Sexy!

This time, I want to talk about the thing where one party forcibly inserts their fingers into the other party’s mouth. 

I am not talking about Jane kissing or sucking on John’s fingertips here. I am talking about John pushing Jane’s mouth open and sticking his fingers up in there and maybe pumping them like his fingers are a penis and are about to ejaculate onto her tonsils. 

Obviously, this is an act of dominance. And I do enjoy reading kinkier romance, but when this happens I am completely pulled out of the moment. Reading about spanking – no big deal. Reading about finger-jabbing? YIKES. 

Even if I am kissing someone’s hands or fingers voluntarily, I don’t want to put their whole finger in my mouth. Do I know where that finger has been? Has my partner washed their hands recently? (During these pestilential times, these questions become even more pressing.) Basically, I have no desire to deepthroat a finger. 

The other side of this equation is the force. Just the thought of having something shoved into my body gives me the willies. You’ve got to ease me into things! Foreplay, people! Foreplay! You can be dominant and in charge and kinky and sexy and still ease the way instead of jabbing right on in. 

Related: I also hate it when people just randomly jam their fingers into someone’s vagina (again, usually as an act of dominance), but mainly because I don’t understand the logistics. Like, if you’re both standing in an elevator, and she’s wearing a skirt but no underwear – how do you even get your fingers in there suddenly and sneakily enough that she can’t jiu-jitsu block that shit? The key here is the sneak attack, obviously if there’s other force (physical or emotional) involved it’s a different issue. But I digress. 

In short: don’t stick your fingers in my mouth. 

This Hot Take By Holly has been brought to you by Your Dad Will Do. Thank you. 

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Review: The Sword Dancer by Jeannie Lin (2013)

Tang Dynasty, Book #4

Heat Factor: A bit of sizzle.

Character Chemistry: Literal sparring partners. Like, with swords. 

Plot: Le Fing is a bandit. Han is a thief-catcher. He’s chasing her around China after she was maybe involved in stealing some jade. Then they team up because there is something bigger afoot. 

Overall: I gobbled this one up. Nom nom nom.

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