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Review: Wanted, a Gentleman; Or, Virtue Over-Rated by K.J. Charles (2017)

Heat Factor: Oh no! There’s only ONE BED! (Too bad we forgot to bring lube.) 

Character Chemistry: I completely bought both the immediate sexual attraction and the slowly burgeoning friendship. 

Plot: We must stop this elopement!

Overall: This is the perfect book.

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Review: The Priest by Tiffany Reisz (2020)

Original Sinners, Book 9

Review of Original Sinners Book 1 (loved it!), Book 2 (eh)

Heat Factor: As expected, there’s a lot of sex.

Character Chemistry: Nora and Cyrus have good banter. And Nora and Søren have some beautiful moments.

Plot: A priest has committed suicide; right before he killed himself, he tried to call Nora. She had never met the man, so when Cyrus the private detective starts investigating, she helps him crack the case. 

Overall: Some aspects of this book are really excellent, but I would not recommend The Priest to anyone who was not already well-versed in the Original Sinners universe.

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Recommended Read, Review

Review: Recipe for Persuasion by Sonali Dev (2020)

The Rajes, Book 2

Review of The Rajes, Book 1

Heat Factor: Fade to black

Character Chemistry: Swoon-worthy

Plot: Ashna enters a cooking competition in a bid to save her floundering restaurant, only to discover that her competition partner is her high school boyfriend slash love of her life. 

Overall: If you can power through the angst, the payoff is so worth it

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Smut Reporting

“He slanted his mouth across hers”

When I wrote about licking sweat and how it wasn’t sexy, Silver Button Books (whose blog you can check out here) brought up another ubiquitous romance phrase: “he slanted his mouth across hers,” noting that it was weird and always made her think of toddlers smearing their faces across a glass window. 

If you think about it, this is kind of a weird way to describe kissing. All we really have in this description is an angle – the “slant.”

And if we go to my trusty Merriam-Webster, the predominant synonym is “slope.” Unless we’re talking about “slant” in a metaphorical sense, in which case synonymous words distort, falsify, pervert, etc. I think it’s safe to assume that romance writers who use this phrase are talking about a literal slant, not a metaphorical one. 

I decided some further investigating was in order. 

This phrase most commonly appears in historical romance, so I turn to some classic (and maybe less classic) clinch covers to help illuminate exactly what kind of kisses are happening here. Also, this is an excellent excuse to look at romance novel covers because they are an art form that deserve to be talked about all the time.

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Rant, Review

Review: A Taste of Sage by Yaffa S. Santos (2020)

Heat Factor: There’s a fire in this kitchen

Character Chemistry: He’s a manipulative douchenozzle

Plot: It went some unexpected places

Overall: I was so excited about the premise, but the execution was disappointing

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