Review: Sight of a Stranger by Sandra Field (1981)

Heat Factor: There’s no whoopie and minimal other stuff. The real heat comes from the drrrrrrama.

Character Chemistry: Blaise and Shannon are kind of a classic “you can’t deny their chemistry” type couple, and I could see people really liking this in the 80’s.

Plot: Shannon is recovering (pitifully) from a car accident (which resulted in the loss of her vision) caused by her ex-fiance when she’s swept up by her ex-fiance’s half brother, who is determined to white knight the shit out of her.

Overall: Do you like both romantic AND family drama? Do you like silly ninnies who are mostly helpless? How about emotionally immature men who don’t know how to have feelings? Do you like heroines whose career goals involve helping a brilliant man? This one’s for you.

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Review: Enemies with Benefits by J.D. Hollyfield (2022)

Heat Factor: It’s pretty steamy. There’s a lot of hate whoopie before there’s any tender whoopie, if you’re into that kind of thing. (If you’re not sure…give it a go with this book.)

Character Chemistry: The layers of emotional complexity, backstory, and personal development make these characters and their fiery chemistry very, very satisfying.

Plot: Makayla moves home to clean up and sell her estranged, abusive father’s house–and immediately runs into Ben at a wedding. The two get stuck one upping each other in petty pranks and comebacks, all while they inexplicably find themselves supporting one another from an unknown danger.

Overall: This book is utterly bonkers. It’s got some incredibly witty snark, caustic pranks, emotional character development, and a murderous mystery.

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Recommended Read, Review Revisited

Review Revisited: Ingrid’s Take on Enemies with Benefits by Roxie Noir (2019)

Loveless Brothers, Book #1

Review of Loveless Brothers, Book #3

Heat Factor: If this book is on fire, why’s it so wet

Character Chemistry: Listen, there’s a razor thin line between knowing exactly how to torment someone and knowing how to…torment them…and this book walks it perfectly.

Plot: Violet is abandoned at a restaurant on a terrible date only to discover the head chef is her childhood arch nemesis, Eli. Eli has traveled the world and recently moved home to accept a new job…where Violet works. They’re both on the line for a competitive $20k bonus, so needless to say, things get interesting.

Overall: This is a review revisited confirming—and elaborating on—everything Holly said in her glowing review.

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Review: A Mountain Divides Us by Allie Winters (2023)

Crescent Pass, #2

Review of Crescent Pass, #1

Heat Factor: There’s initial pining and tenderness and then some decent heat.

Character Chemistry: This is a single parent romance, so the chemistry has to be just right between the main characters and the kids involved, and it definitely hits on all counts.

Plot: Kristen is a single mom raising twins in a small town in the mountains. After having her hours cut back, she resorts to renting out a room in her home—and after a plot twist, that renter ends up being Eli, a geological engineer who needs a place to stay.

Overall: This really had me stressed about the kids, but ultimately it’s a very sweet story.

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Recommended Read, Review

Review: What Happens in Scotland by Jennifer McQuiston (2013)

Second Sons, Book 1

Heat Factor: She’s a slow burn, friends

Character Chemistry: They have shockingly fantastic chemistry, and the way this was executed was superb and that’s my thesis

Plot: Georgette wakes up in Scotland smelling of brandy, unable to remember anything from the night before, and is clearly married to a handsome Scot. James is a second son, deeply invested in becoming a solicitor his town (and family) might respect, and is also suddenly unable to remember anything about the night before. The two of them have to retrace their steps to figure out what happened, save Georgette, and see if they have something worth saving together.

Overall: Obsessed.

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