A Note to Our Fellow Smut Readers

While the world continues to explode around us, we wanted to pause for a moment. Hi everyone. Hope you are healthy. We are hanging in there, though we (like many others) are facing changes in childcare and the possibility of toilet paper shortages and a lot of anxiety and uncertainty. 

As of right now, we plan on maintaining our regular posting schedule of ludicrous amounts of smut news and reviews, which fortunately can be done in isolation. 

Because even when you’re practicing social distancing, your favorite romantic pairing can still get awfully close. 

Smut helps. 


The Ladies of The Smut Report


February Preview

Happy February, Fellow Smut Readers!

We’re going all in on the book reviews this month. First, we’ll be counting down to Valentine’s Day by posting something new to get excited about every day between now and February 14th. All the smut love!

And since February is Black History Month, we’re focusing on reading more books by African American authors. Excited to branch out and read some new-to-us authors!

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RWA fustercluck 2.0

Since our post about the RWA dumpster fire on December 27, Romancelandia has continued to be an absolute fustercluck, with ripples spreading in multiple directions since the initial censure of Courtney Milan on December 23. The Associated Press broke this story on December 27, and while most of the details of the various goings-on have been coming to light on Twitter and RWA forums, the story continues to be national news. 

In the past two weeks, so much has happened that it would be difficult to adequately summarize here. For a detailed timeline of events, author Claire Ryan has maintained an updated thread with links to sources. If Twitter is your preferred venue, @RomancingNope has also been nearly live-tweeting updates in a continuing thread.

Here are the brief updates of the current state of RWA’s implosion:

Our sentiments regarding the Romancelandia remain unchanged, and we will continue to pursue an inclusive world of romance. At this point, after two weeks of fumbles by RWA national leadership, it seems impossible that the current Board and Executive Director will be able to manage this crisis and adequately course correct. It is also increasingly clear that the situation will not simply blow over, as RWA leadership (including some chapter leadership) seems to expect.

Regarding other actions we have taken as this situation has unfolded, we confirm that Erin resigned as a RITA judge. In addition, we signed the open letter to RWA prepared by Romance Sparks Joy on behalf of readers. This open letter was signed by more than 1300 readers, and pledges to boycott events and works by RWA national and its current Board members until RWA demonstrates that it is taking specific action to thoroughly evaluate what has gone wrong at the national level and to course correct in transparent and meaningful ways (please see the letter for specifics).

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Macmillan, eBooks, and the library embargo

Update: March 17, 2020

Today Macmillan walked back its library embargo, announcing that it would return to the pricing model that was in effect on October 31st, 2019. Further, in view of the current coronavirus pandemic, it plans to reduce ebook prices for libraries so they are able to purchase more ebooks while we’re practicing social distancing. 

In view of this change, we will resume requesting galley copies of or accepting review requests for releases from Macmillan imprints. Primarily these are St. Martin’s Press and Entangled Publishing. Should the situation change again, we will reevaluate our position at that time.

The full announcement is here.

We are big library users. We love libraries. (Erin started dating her husband at the library.) 

When we first started reading smut, libraries were our go-to place to feed our burgeoning addiction. At the public library that we used, the romance section was large and full of bodice rippers (it was the 90s!). 

Some library patrons  are lucky enough to still have robust romance sections full of paperbacks, but we’ve noticed that romance novels in particular are increasingly available to borrow as eBooks, while their physical shelf space is shrinking. 

Libraries fuel our habit, and we consume much more media because let’s be honest, there’s no way we could afford to purchase the number of books we read each year. 

That brings us to the point of our post: eBooks, accessibility, and publishing house Macmillan. 

The waiting list for Jen DeLuca’s new release
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