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June Preview

June is Pride Month, so here at The Smut Report, we’re going to be focusing on romances featuring LGBTQ characters throughout the month.

While we try to read a range of romances throughout the year, we figured it would be fun for all of us to really focus on queer love stories in all their forms. Slash, Erin is sort of obsessed with M/M romance, so expect a lot of reviews of M/M stories.

We’re also working on a few lists – of LGBTQ romances we’ve read in the past and loved, and of ones that are on our TBR – and some Smut Reporting. If we tell you we’re doing it, we’re more likely to get it done, right?

Coming Soon...

2020 Smut Goals and January Preview

We’re excited to get 2020 (and Year 2 of The Smut Report) off to a great start! Here are some of the books we’ll be reviewing in January:

Our Smut Resolutions


  • Tackle my monster book pile (it’s grown since that picture was taken, yikes)
  • Read more widely in the genre (more specifics on this reading goal here)
  • More analytical writing – it’s good for my brain!


  • Get my TBR under control (😂)
  • Read Indigo
  • Start Immortals After Dark
  • Finish some Smut Reporting that I’ve had in the works for…a while


  • Read everything by Ruby Dixon
  • Just kidding, but not really