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2022 Smut Resolutions

To get 2022 started with some positive energy, here are some of our goals for the next year. 

One Book I Definitely Want to Read This Year:

Erin: If I only read one book this year, it will be The Long Game by Rachel Reid.

Holly: Last year, my goal was to read An Unconditional Freedom by Alyssa Cole, but I…didn’t. This year, I will for real. 

Ingrid: I haven’t really read much from Sarah MacLean (I know, I know, but I’m normally reading the new authors!) so I want to read Bombshell.

One Topic I Definitely Want to Write about This Year:

Erin: I’ve had a series about sex percolating in my brain for the past year. Or a series about the treatment of cheating in romance. One of those?

Holly: Entrepreneurship and capitalism (in romance novels). Burn down the system!

Ingrid: Hearts and Crafts: A new series on the craft of writing romance. Basically, using my education but for Smut.

One New-To-Me Author I Definitely Want to Try This Year:

Erin: Jordan L. Hawk. Queer historical paranormal romance? Sounds like 100% my cup of tea. 

Holly: Cara Bastone. Miss Bates says she’s good, and I trust Miss Bates with all things smut-related. She hasn’t led me wrong yet!

Ingrid: Jenny Holiday, the Matchmaker Bay series. It just really seems like something I’d like.

One Theme I Want to Discuss for a Buddy Read This Year:

Erin: I feel like I should say Billionaires just to watch Holly’s and Ingrid’s heads explode. But I’ll actually say let’s look at temporal settings. I’d be particularly interested in the Roaring 20s or the Gilded Age. Or see if we can find some mid-century action?

Holly: Accidental pregnancies. This trope is a hard no for me, but maybe digging into it will make me rethink it?

Ingrid: I wanna know where the mermaid smut is. Mer-week?

One Miscellaneous Reading Goal Will Make Me Happy This Year:

Erin: Focusing on reading my TBR and indie books. I’m a little burned out on how much I see the same trad covers over and over on the Socials. 

Holly: Reading some of the many many smut books that I already own. Maybe I’ll do SuperWendy’s TBR Challenge this year to help me along?

This is less than a quarter of my unread smut stack of DOOM

Ingrid: I feel like 2021 was just me mucking around in a big bog of drab dullness so I would like to spend some time just selfishly reading what I want to read, regardless of whether I review it or not.

Team Goals:

  • One buddy read per month! 
  • Another smashdown! March Smashness. March Hotness. We’re working on the title.
  • Romance vs. women’s fiction group post series.

January Preview:

To get us started, here’s what we’re reading in January

We’re also scaling back our review schedule a bit, and are planning on posting three reviews a week, instead of the four-a-week schedule we’ve been doing for the past three years. That means no more Sunday reviews…and maybe we’ll have the time for some of that smut reporting we’ve been promising.

Coming Soon..., Monster Mash Smashdown

October Preview: Monster Mash Smashdown

Well, it seems like Romancelandia is on a bit of a monster love bender, and we at The Smut Report want to join the fun. Is this our usual reading jam? Not really. Are we going to have fun with it? Absolutely. 

For the month of October, we’ve decided to read not one, not two, but eight books together. Can we do it? We shall see. Every Friday, we’ll post a group review discussing two books selected based on a theme. 

We proudly present: Monster Mash Smashdown!

Week One: Aliens of the non-humanoid variety

Week Two: C.M. Nascosta has written two books and we couldn’t decide, so we’re reading both

Week Three: Beauty and the Beast retellings with Beasts that stay beasts

Week Four: Tentacles

Are we ready for this?!

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Welcome to Xmas in July

Hello, faithful smut readers. It’s hot as balls here, and we’re dreaming of the cold. 

So we figured: why not spend the dog days of summer reading some delicious wintry smut? We’re looking for two people snowed-in at that cute lodge. We’re looking for snowshoeing. We’re looking for snowball fights, and red noses, and catching snowflakes on your tongue. We’re looking for snuggling together under a cozy blanket next to a roaring fire. We’re looking for sex on the rug in front of that same roaring fire. We’re looking for hot chocolate and hot toddies. 

We’ll also be reading some non-Xmas books

While we’re calling this month of winter fun times “Xmas in July,” please note that we won’t just be reading Christmas romances. We’re especially looking forward to some wintertime reads that aren’t Holiday Specials—and to Holiday Specials that feature some *other* winter holidays. Like Hannukah. Or Valentine’s Day. Or Chinese New Year. (We’re also keeping an eye out for those books that put the XXX in Xmas, if ya know what I mean…)

But about Christmas. A few years ago, we had a discussion about Christmas Specials in particular, and why they don’t work for us. And maybe, just maybe, it’s because reading these stories about how the right decorations and some joy in your heart make everything better while you’re stressed out about visiting family and preparing a turkey and and and is just not helpful. So this is also an experiment. Maybe we’ll like these stories a lot more if we read them while we’re sweating by the pool and cleaning up popsicle messes and having watermelon seed spitting contests. (Yes, Holly still buys watermelons with seeds sometimes for precisely this purpose. And has some volunteer watermelon plants in her herb garden this year. Coincidence? Probably.) 

Want to join us in our summer reading adventure? Let us know about your favorite cold and wintry romance. Or pick one of the ones we’re reading, and read along with us! 

Here are some of the books that we’re hoping to get to this month:

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February Preview

We usually include our preview for the month at the end of last month’s wrap up (because of laziness, mostly), but February is a Big Month for Romancelandia, so we have some extra things to say.

But first, the preview:

Now, the things:

  1. Valentine’s Day is a-comin’! So we are girding our collective loins for a bunch of articles about Fabio. Please don’t send them to us. But seriously, you would think that people would be tired of writing hot takes about romance without, uh, talking to people to actually think about romance on a regular basis.
    With that said…we might do a special something for Valentine’s Day. But no promises.
  2. February is Black History Month. In the past, we’ve focused on highlighting books by Black authors in February. But Smut is ALWAYS Political, not just when we’re “supposed” to think about Black history, so we’re trying to highlight smut by marginalized voices year-round.
    If you’re interested in some thematic reading, here’s a list of Black and Interracial historical romance that Holly put together last summer.
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Smut Goals: 2021 Edition

Yay! It’s 2021! We’re ready to put 2020 behind us and look forward to another year of smut adventures. (aka, year three of The Smut Report)

To get the year started with some positive energy, here are some of our goals for the next year. 

One Book I Definitely Want to Read This Year:

Erin: The Craft of Love by E.E. Ottoman

It’s been on my Kindle for months and my TBR for longer than that! 

Holly: An Unconditional Freedom by Alyssa Cole

I thought the first two books in this series were really remarkable and am curious to see what Cole does with the final installment of this trilogy about Civil War Union spies. 

Ingrid: Unmasked by Her Lover, by Mary Lancaster

The first book in this series almost broke me with the sweetness and humor. This is the fourth book, and I can’t WAIT to read it.

One Topic I Definitely Want to Write About This Year:

Erin: Well, I could finish any of the dozen pieces I’ve started (Dukes v. Billionaires, anyone?), but I’ve been thinking a great deal about “problematic content” in romance, so I think I’ll meditate on that instead.

Holly: I’ve had this post about the politics of Imaginary Benevolent Monarchies stewing in my head for literally 18 months. I think it’s about time I stopped thinking about it in vague terms and actually wrote it down. 

Ingrid: I want to write about more trends and current events. I’d love to dig in with some sweet graphs and data and really pick apart what’s going on with romance publishing.

One New Author I Definitely Want to Try This Year: 

Erin: Kate Clayborn probably writes catnip for me if I just bump her books that I’ve already acquired to the top of my TBR.

Holly: Vanessa Riley. In doing all of this reading and thinking about smut, I’ve come to terms with the fact that I just really love historical romance, but that I want books that feature people who aren’t dukes. 

Ingrid: I want to read Nalini Singh!! So many positive reviews and I’ve read nothing yet…

One Trope I Want to Discuss for a Buddy Read This Year:

Erin: I feel like a Morality Chain or redemption of the antihero discussion could be interesting. Sometimes Morality Chain can be dreadfully eye roll inducing, but the concept of redemption through love is extremely pervasive.

Holly: Bedding the Boss. There’s definite potential for serious ick-factor here, but when it works, this trope can lead to all kinds of interesting power dynamics which would be great discussion fodder. 

Ingrid: Is it a discussion if we just fangirl over how Grumpy/Sunshine is the best?

One Miscellaneous Reading-related Goal That Will Make Me Happy This Year:

Erin: I’m going to keep track of where I see books I want to read so I can remember who to thank (positive thinking!) by the time I actually read the book.

Holly: I’m working on DNFing books that don’t work for me. I have limited time to read and I want to actually enjoy the books I spend that time on. 

Ingrid: I just want to count how many books I’ve read and get caught up on Goodreads reviews.