Coming Soon..., Monster Mash Smashdown

October Preview: Monster Mash Smashdown

Well, it seems like Romancelandia is on a bit of a monster love bender, and we at The Smut Report want to join the fun. Is this our usual reading jam? Not really. Are we going to have fun with it? Absolutely. 

For the month of October, we’ve decided to read not one, not two, but eight books together. Can we do it? We shall see. Every Friday, we’ll post a group review discussing two books selected based on a theme. 

We proudly present: Monster Mash Smashdown!

Week One: Aliens of the non-humanoid variety

Week Two: C.M. Nascosta has written two books and we couldn’t decide, so we’re reading both

Week Three: Beauty and the Beast retellings with Beasts that stay beasts

Week Four: Tentacles

Are we ready for this?!

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