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June Wrap Up – All Our Favorite Smut This Month

As we finish June and go hurtling towards July, a reminder: that while reading may seem like a small act, what we read matters. Black Lives Matter. Queer Lives Matter. And we will continue to highlight Black romance and Queer romance even when there aren’t protests or when it’s not Pride month.

But for now, our favorite reads this month:

Erin’s Choice: Just Like That by Cole McCade

“Cole McCade can rip my guts out and give me a massive book hangover anytime.”

Ingrid’s Choice: Finding Joy by Adriana Herrera

Ingrid wants to hold the world still for a few days, so she can just sit with this book and enjoy it longer.

Holly’s Choice: Wanted, A Gentleman by K.J. Charles

When Holly finished reading, she held this book close to her heart and sighed.

And here are some of the (many) (too many?) (no such thing!) books we’ll be talking about in July:

Wrap Up

May Wrap Up: Our Favorite Smut This Month

It feels like we’ve published a million reviews this month. What can we say? Erin is reading about five times as much as normal – welcome to quarantine life. If you’re like Holly and Ingrid and are not reading five times as much as normal (and maybe a little less than normal), we feel you. Either way, we’re happy to make recommendations.

Without further ado: our favorite books for the month.

Ingrid’s Choice: Salt + Stilettos by Janet Walden-West

Ingrid especially loved the hero, Will, who wasn’t a perfect specimen of manhood, but was sweet and gentle and shy and cooked the sexiest food.

Holly’s Choice: Recipe for Persuasion by Sonali Dev

This book has some serious angst, but it builds to something really amazing. Bonus points for an extremely sexy hero.

Erin’s Choice: Date Me, Bryson Keller by Kevin van Whye

Erin almost died of all the cuteness.

Hope all of our loyal readers are safe, healthy, and are able to set aside time to keep reading smut.

PS: If you’re looking for something fun and silly to do, you should follow #stepbacksaturday on Instagram – today’s reveal day. It’s a great way to connect with other smut readers and bloggers – and who doesn’t love a good stepback?

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April Wrap Up

We can’t believe it’s the end of April already, otherwise known as Month 2 of New Life. It felt like April went by super fast, in the slowest way possible. Us, every day: Ugh, there are still 5 more hours until dinnertime. Us, every week: What? Friday already?

On the whole, we have all been very lucky. We are all healthy, and so are our families. We all have homes we can safely shelter in, and enough food to eat, and access to the internet. On the other hand, we also all have children under the age of five, so smut is the only thing keeping us sane right now.

Without further ado, here were our top reads in April:

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March Wrap Up: Our Favorite Smut and Other Musings

So, March 2020 has been the longest month in the history of the world. Was it really just a month ago that our biggest problems were who was going to win Trope Madness (none of us did, because Romancelandia loves Enemies to Lovers) and angsting about Super Tuesday.

We’re dealing with The New Normal as best we can. Erin is reading so many books. Ingrid is killing it in the Smut Reporting department (seriously, if you missed her piece on attachment theory and romance, go read it now). And Holly is grateful that she wrote some extra reviews last month because she is too tired to smut most days.

Even with all the upheaval, we managed to find some great reads, and are pleased to recommend:

Holly’s Choice: Swing Batter Swing by Zaida Polanco

May-December workplace romance is not generally Holly’s thing, but she really enjoyed this one! There was tons of hot sex, but also good character growth and commentary on the power dynamics between them.

Full review

Erin’s Choice: Love Hard by Nalini Singh

Erin is all about emotionally aware adults working through things in a reasonable manner without nonsense drama. Bonus points for excellent prose!

Full review

Ingrid’s Choice: An Heiress to Remember by Maya Rodale

When Ingrid finished this book, she was smiling and standing taller and ready to face the world. What other recommendation do you need?

Full review

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Ingrid’s Year in Review

1. It’s hard to make time for things you care about when you’re a mom.

When I started this about a year ago, I think I pictured myself typing daintily at a keyboard and chuckling to myself as I typed witty things and sipped tea on sunny afternoons. I think I thought that I would be able to just carve out chunks of time to do this, and that I’d be able to just “make it work”. That’s not at all what happened. 

First off, it was a lot harder than I thought it would be to actually sit down and do the work. I worked full-time. I have two small kids and not a ton of childcare. I would try to occupy these children with something when I thought I could steal 30 minutes, but the moment I sat down with my laptop my kids were immediately aware that I was NOT PAYING ATTENTION TO THEM and they’d either stir up some astounding kind of trouble or would be climbing my pant leg for attention.

Also, I learned that asking for help “because it’s an emergency!” and then following that with “I have a blog due by 10 pm and I haven’t finished the book yet!” will not stir up very much sympathy. People did not volunteer to watch my children or bring me cheese and crackers. So weird!

What I learned from this is that, as a mom, my inclination is always going to be to put aside the things that make me feel happy and fulfilled so that I can care for my family–and that urge is almost always a mistake. I will always take care of them. Always. But I also have to take care of myself, and I have to be very determined to do the things that make me feel like myself. Reading and writing, I have learned, are two very non-negotiable things that make me feel like a human and individual, and I have to choose to take time for that when I can. If that means extra babyproofing, waking up early, or going to bed later now and then, then that’s a requirement and not an option.

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