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Who We Are

We are three thirty-somethings who have been swapping smut books for twenty years. So… we’ve read a lot of smut and love the genre. We’re (mostly) normal and (mostly) healthy, though we admit that there may be a cat or two lurking around our lives. There’s no shame in our game either. Call us Smut Enthusiasts.

What We’re Doing

Writing book reviews. But not just any book reviews. We have an agenda!

First, we want to write comprehensive reviews that are also fun to read. Boring reviews are boring, both to read and to write. But also because there are too many books out there for anyone ever to  read, so part of our task is highlighting the awesome books as well as steering people away from duds. Honesty is a priority, and sometimes honesty requires snark.

Second, those “you might also like” algorithms just don’t give you enough information when you’re looking for the perfect book. Simply because 10,000 people read the book you just read and bought another book doesn’t mean you’ll like either book or even that they have similar characteristics. That’s why we have a crazy robust category system. Sometimes you just want to read about heroines who are governesses, or heroes who time travel, or even governesses who time travel.

We treat the genre with the respect we think it deserves. Call us Smut Scholars.

Why We’re Doing It

It’s fun, and a great way to connect with other readers!

We want to think critically about what we and others have often thought of as simple escapism when it’s just good literature. Smut can have literary merit, offer socio-political commentary, or contribute to feminist discussions, and we want to highlight books that do these things.

We want to contribute to normalizing the idea that women and other humans might want to read about sex AND relationships (and maybe also adventure / cowboys / vampires), and that is a completely legitimate cultural expression.

We want to share our love of smut with people who are already right there with us, but also with people who are curious about the genre, but are a little bit scared to dive right in.

We want to share the wonderful, the witty, and the downright weird corners of the world of smut with our readers. Call us Smut Evangelists.

We are The Smut Report: Let’s talk dirty books

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