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Heternormative HEAs and Husband Material…Podcast Edition

We’re trying something new! Instead of transcribing and blogifying our conversations about romance, we’re giving this whole podcast thing ago. For our first episode, we’re continuing the Great Smut Debate. This month, we’re tackling Heternormative HEAs and the question of what makes a hero good husband material. Give us a listen, and let us know…

Review: Husband Material by Megumu Minami (2021)

Original novel by Emma Goldrick (1996) Heat Factor: Character Chemistry: What even is consent? Plot: Anything I say will make it sound significantly less bananas than it actually was Overall: There is basically nothing okay about any of this and I enjoyed myself hugely

Review: Husband Material by Brenda Jackson (2020)

Heat Factor: It’s hot. There’s lots of booty. Character Chemistry: This is fully established physically, but (likely due to length) the emotional chemistry is less developed. Plot: Carmen and her ex, Matthew, end up stuck sharing their beach house for the summer. When both decide to punish the other through seduction, they cave almost instantly…