Review: One Night for Seduction by Erica Ridley (2019)

Wicked Dukes Club, Book #1

Heat Factor: Not very much seduction

Character Chemistry: Woman sniping at man is usually good chemistry, right?

Plot: The only way I can have my dream is to be single, so please step off

Overall: Pretty consistently frustrating

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Review: Rafe: A Buff Male Nanny by Rebekah Weatherspoon (2018)

Loose Ends, Book 1

Heat Factor: Thinking about sex, talking about sex, having sex. Sexytimes abound!

Character Chemistry: You can’t help but have chemistry with Rafe, because he is the Perfect Man

Plot: My nanny is so hot! Let’s do this!

Overall: It’s sexy and smart and political and I wish I loved it more than I did

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Review: Never Deny a Duke by Madeline Hunter (2019)

Decadent Dukes Society, Book #3

Review of Decadent Dukes Society Book 1, Book 2

Heat Factor: Understated but present

Character Chemistry: Also understated but believable

Plot: Exploration of the past helps us grow into our future

Overall: Sometimes subtlety is satisfying

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Why we read old books

In Internet World – especially the weird section that we inhabit called The Blogosphere – it’s all about the new. New things are **shiny** and **exciting.** And we definitely feel that! We were super excited when we got approved for our first book on NetGalley, because it meant that we got to read the new, shiny, exciting stuff too. We had made it!

Even as we jump into this world, however, we also want to keep reading and reviewing and promoting older books. And not just the truly Old School romances (so we can see how far we’ve come), even though they’re fun, but also books that were written five or ten years ago. Books that we are just now discovering at the library or at book sales, or old favorites that we just want to share with all of our delightful readers. Or even oldies that stuck with us that we want to try on again now that we’re older and wiser to see if they really were that special.

Because here’s the thing – the publishing world right now is a weird place, and some troubling trends are at work making it harder to make a living as an author. (Not that it was ever easy, let’s be real here.)

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