The Smut Report Podcast

We’ve got a podcast now! It’s still a work in progress, but we’re excited to share our thoughts about romance with you in a new format.

Latest Episodes

Episode 3: Enemies with Benefits The Smut Report Podcast

The Smut Report Team – Erin, Holly, and Ingrid – all read different books called ENEMIES WITH BENEFITS, and then talked about the enemies to lovers trope. Turns out none of us really like this trope, so please don't kick us out of Romancelandia.Full show notes here. Looking for more recs featuring this trope? All of our content featuring enemies who become lovers can be found here.
  1. Episode 3: Enemies with Benefits
  2. Episode 2: Let's Talk Tropes: Oops! We woke up married!
  3. Episode 1: Heteronormative HEAs and Husband Material

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Full Show Notes

Let’s Talk Tropes: Woke Up Married…Podcast Edition!

Hi everyone! The podcast experiment continues, this time with a discussion of the Woke Up Married trope! Books discussed in this podcast: We discuss both Lick and What I Did for Love in depth, so here’s your spoilers warning.  Also,…

Heternormative HEAs and Husband Material…Podcast Edition

We’re trying something new! Instead of transcribing and blogifying our conversations about romance, we’re giving this whole podcast thing ago. For our first episode, we’re continuing the Great Smut Debate. This month, we’re tackling Heternormative HEAs and the question of…