A year ago Erin was all historical romance all the time. Now she’s discovered billionaires and shifters and cinnamon rolls and urban fantasy and a host of other wonderful things. Historical romance is still great, but there’s a big world of smut out there and she is here to have a good time.

Erin goes little weak at the knees for an arrogant hero who’s emotionally inaccessible until he meets just the right woman. Think Mr. Darcy, but that’s far too erudite, so think dukes and other powerful men, like Garwood, Kleypas, or MacLean heroes or (swoon) Balogh’s Wulfric Bedwyn. That said, if she’s going to cozy up with a good book, Erin is also in for bananas paranormal romance, m/m love stories, and any romance that includes trust and communication between the protagonists.

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Holly spent way too many years in school getting advanced degrees, only to discover that academia was not for her. However, that means that she has lots of experience reading and reviewing books – now she can put those skills to good use, except she’s reading books that are way more fun.

Holly will read literally anything (except she doesn’t dig Romantic Suspense, sorry guys). She has a soft spot in her heart for Old School bodice rippers. Bonkers plots and ridiculous characters are a-ok – bonus points for making her laugh. Deal breakers include bad sex, bad writing, or characters that she loathes.

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Ingrid was an English major with a focus in Creative Writing who also focused in Studio art, hoping to be either a world-renowned author/illustrator of children’s literature, or like, a poet or something. Currently, she does work with books – but she’s working on the editorial side of medical textbooks, having also worked for a legal publisher and a mind/body/spirit publisher. She also has a side hustle negotiating foreign licensing for independent authors.

Ingrid really means it when she says she reads it all–but she has a soft spot for series, strong women, and up-and-coming authors.

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