Review: First and Only by Allie Winters (2020)

Suncoast University, Book 4

Reviews of previous books in the Suncoast University series: Book 1, Book 2, Book 3

Heat Factor: So, so steamy it’ll be a hazard for the glasses-wearing folks

Character Chemistry: They didn’t stand a chance…just the way we like it!

Plot: Jake needs a tutor after his athletic career goes down the toilet after an injury and Eden needs to learn how to be a young adult, basically. A sexy, coming-of-age, teach-me-how-to-do-sexy-things type book that unfolds deliciously slow.

Overall: This whole series is just itching to be read in one long weekend.

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Review: No One Else by Allie Winters (2020)

Suncoast University, Book 3

Review of Suncoast University, Book 1; Book 2

Heat Factor: Nothing like having no privacy to stir up a nice, hot, slow burn

Character Chemistry: Allie Winters lights the ole fire under these two pretty much immediately, then dumps some cold water on everything, and then it’s a nice simmer until we all finally get what we want!

Plot: Evan is earnest and completely head over heels for Natalie — always has been, always will be. But then it’s like…too fast! Too slow!! Crazy ex! What’s going on!!

Overall: Allie Winters takes her fabulous series and kicks things up a notch by embracing some really deliciously messy people and stirring the pot…

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My First Smut

Guest Post: Vampire Smut Strikes Again!

My First Smut is a recurring feature where we talk about our formative smut experiences. These short confessionals may include such details as: What book did you read? How old were you? Were there other people involved? What made the experience special? What role does smut play in your life?

This week, we are excited to host romance author Allie Winters. (Our reviews of her books are here.) Her latest book, No One Else, was released last week – stay tuned for our review!

I had dabbled with romance starting in middle school, late nights staying up during summer break reading as many V.C. Andrews books I could get my hands on from the library.

When I started high school, I deemed myself a serious scholar, and would only read classics, stubbornly plowing through most of them, but also finding gems like Wuthering Heights and Jane Eyre. It was more of a self-important enjoyment of the works rather than true pleasure in reading them.

Early college found me rejecting “deep” literature for lighter fare that wasn’t required reading, beginning with Twilight and the like. But it wasn’t till I was about twenty when a coworker lent me a copy of Kerrelyn Sparks’ Forbidden Nights With A Vampire from her Love At Stake series that I found my true reading passion – smut. This is what I’d been searching for, without ever realizing I was searching to begin with. It was so different from what I’d read before. There were intense sex scenes, and wow were they hot!

From there I discovered J.R. Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood series, Julia Quinn’s Bridgerton series, Kresley Cole’s Immortals After Dark series, and more. These were the authors I wanted to read, the stories I truly enjoyed.

Both paranormal and historical romance were my jam for many years, and after I exhausted the backlist of those, moved onto contemporary and new adult romance. I voraciously read for years, usually about 150 books a year, until my daughter was born a few years ago and suddenly it became ten times harder to find free time at home.

Once I decided to start writing, the free time dwindled even more, but romance always holds a special place in my heart. It’s my preferred genre, the one I always gravitate toward and have identified with the most, usually by women for women, with the emotion and heat that feeds my soul. When a book makes my stomach flutter with anticipation and my chest ache with longing, that’s when I know I’ve found a keeper.

I love that I get to contribute now to the world of romance. I write the kind of books I like to read, with hot heroes and warm, gushy feelings (plus, some seriously steamy scenes!), so I get that creative energy that feeds my soul every time I sit down to write.

Allie lives in sunny Florida with her husband, daughter, and two cats. A librarian by day, she spends her nights writing happily ever afters. She enjoys reading, playing video games, and all things Disney.

Learn more about her books at or connect with her on Instagram.

Have an early smut experience you’d like to share with us? If you’d like to see your story featured, send us a note or fill out this handy-dandy form and we’ll post it in an upcoming week.

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Review: Watch Me by Allie Winters (2019)

Suncoast University, Book #2

Review of Suncoast University, Book 1

Heat Factor: Watch your glasses folks, because this one’s steamy.

Character Chemistry: Drop of a hat, turn on a dime, didn’t know I had a one-track-mind type chemistry

Plot: Scrappy/independent Samantha has to scramble to find a living situation when she’s stuck on her own the summer before college starts. When she finds a room with Levi and his cousin, her problems may be solved – but he’s a barista/songwriter who cooks decadent Italian meals from scratch and he has a healthy relationship with his mom, so you tell ME if this stays platonic. (Nope!)

Overall: Believe me when I tell you that Allie Winters is going to be your new favorite.

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Review: Let Go by Allie Winters (2019)

Suncoast University, Book 1

Heat Factor: Steamy, steamy, steamy.

Character Chemistry: She’s a future English professor, and he’s a future physical therapist. So you better believe there’s chemistry mentally AND physically.

Plot: A young English major gets beyond distracted by her classmate only to discover it’s very mutual. Things progress beautifully until the romance has to be put on hold for professional reasons. The young couple has to figure out what their future holds…and if they can wait that long.


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