Review: Serving Sin by Angelina M. Lopez (2021)

Filthy Rich, Book #3

Reviews of Filthy Rich Book #1 and Book #2

Heat Factor: Frequently interrupted, so there’s lots of foreplay, but full penetration doesn’t happen until the very end. It must be noted that Lopez’s sex writing is top-notch, with or without penetration. 

Character Chemistry: Is there a grade higher than A+?

Plot: I must protect you! / I am a powerful woman, but I accept your protection. 

Overall: A satisfying end to the series

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Review: Hate Crush by Angelina M. Lopez (2020)

Filthy Rich, Book 2

Review of Filthy Rich, Book 1

Heat Factor: Fire. Fuego. אש. 🔥. 

Character Chemistry: Emotionally complicated hate sex.

Plot: “My first love destroyed me and I hate him now. But I must have a fake relationship with him for the paparazzi in order to save my kingdom. What could go wrong?” 

Overall: I couldn’t put it down.

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Romance 101 with Angelina M. Lopez

If there’s a romance-related event close to us and we can go, we also definitely want to go. For this reason, when I saw a tweet from Angelina M. Lopez about an author talk at a library in Arlington, I had to go.

Unfortunately, there were a number of different romance-related events this month, from the Baltimore Book Festival to events at three local independent bookstores (One More Page in Arlington, and Loyalty Bookstore and East City Bookshop in Washington, DC, if you’re curious about tracking where these things happen), and I didn’t manage to get to any of them!

Fortunately, Romance 101 with Angelina M. Lopez was really fun, so if that was my big outing this month, we’re all good.

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Review: Lush Money by Angelina M. Lopez (2019)

Filthy Rich, Book #1

Heat Factor: It’s hot. 🔥 Whew.

Character Chemistry: At first it’s like, “you’re really hot, we’re having sex,” but then eventually  the emotional chemistry starts to sizzle.

Plot: Babies solve life problems (?) by creating more life problems (!!!)

Overall: I’m interested to see what this author does next.

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