Review: The Golden Bride by Kimberley Woodhouse (2019)

Heat Factor: There’s a fire but it’s not figurative.

Character Chemistry: They’re well-matched personalities

Plot: Woman is suddenly widowed shortly after marrying the wrong man for the wrong reasons and blames herself for it. After reuniting with her brother at his business in the wild, heathen San Francisco settlement, she starts to fall for his best friend. Meanwhile, mysteries ensue.

Overall: Like my teen years, this one’s got some issues.

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Review: The Most Dangerous Duke in London by Madeline Hunter (2017)

Decadent Dukes, Book 1

Heat Factor: Whew…Let me put down this fan…

Character Chemistry: I am buying what Hunter is selling

Plot: Family feud, revenge, romance

Overall: yessssssssssss

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Review, The Duke Project

Review: A Duke Changes Everything by Christy Carlyle (2018)

The Duke’s Den, Book 1

Heat Factor: One sex scene with details.

Character Chemistry: If you say so.

Plot: He comes to terms with the past. She embraces the future.

Overall: I never connected with the protagonists, so the rest didn’t even matter.

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Review: Lady Rogue by Theresa Romain (2018)

Royal Rewards, Book 3

Shout out to Miss Bates Reads Romance, whose excellent review of Lady Notorious inspired me to check out Theresa Romain.

Heat Factor: Warmish

Character Chemistry: Pretty good

Plot: Part 1: art theft caper, in the spirit of How to Steal a Million. Part 2: angsty introspection

Overall: Promising beginning, but it ultimately left me cold.

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Review: Desire Lines by Elizabeth Kingston (2019)

Welsh Blades, Book 3

Heat Factor: Not super hot. Not particularly cool either.

Character Chemistry: I’m given indicators that they complete each other, so I guess it must be so.

Plot: A journey home

Overall: Wasn’t convinced, but 180° + good writing = good read

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