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Author Spotlight: Annabeth Albert

Looking for a new author to try out? Here’s everything you need to know about Annabeth Albert, whose books include Conventionally Yours, Sailor Proof, and the Out of Uniform series.

What She Writes:

Contemporary M/M character-driven romance primarily written in dual POV (sometimes 1st person, sometimes 3rd person).

Expect: geek-love, domesticity, and competence porn.

See also: age gaps, size difference, and virgin heroes

What Makes Her Unique:

If you’re looking for certain kinds of rep, she’s likely to write it. Demisexuality, bisexuality, heroes using wheelchairs, heroes with ADHD or other neurodiversity, and so on. Her protagonists also work through their issues by talking them out on page – literary stand-ins for healthy communication and conflict resolution need not apply. Her military romances are very popular, but often her protagonists (including many of the partners of the military protagonists) have unique or unglamorous jobs. 

Writing Style:

The tension in her stories tends to come from a situational problem or long-held idea. Think vacation romance (one is going home eventually) or eternal bachelor (can have bedroom fun, can’t do emotional connection). Most often it’s more of an AND, actually, with emotional hang-ups compounding the situational conflict. This results in a relatively calm narrative voice with a focus on internal processing, domestic scenes that demonstrate what the future could be like, and gray moments that allow the protagonists to consider their life choices and desires after a fight. Some drama may occur (like escaping a flash flood by climbing a cliff face or surviving an avalanche), but it doesn’t drive the story.

How I feel when I’m reading:

Why We Love Her:

Her books are calmly, domestically, charmingly satisfying. And she leans into the geeky.

She Might Not Be For You If:

You prefer plot-driven romance to character-driven romance. Or you like high drama. Or if characters not acting in their own best (romantic) interests drives you up the wall. Also: Most of her protagonists want marriage, and though some of her couples don’t have or discuss children, kids or a desire for kids is not unusual.

Notable Quotation:

Tipsy. Ah, that was it. Dylan was definitely buzzing, and the usually rock-solid Apollo had to be doing the same. That explained the laughing and the touching and the unrestrained eagerness. Darn it. Dylan wished that just this…whatever it was between them was enough, that it could be the sole source of Apollo’s sudden mood shift, that he alone could intoxicate Apollo to this affectionate state. 

The lights of downtown beckoned as the boat approached the dock. Wanting more with this man was as foolish as trying to harness the flickering lights of the tall buildings. And yet… 

I want it all.

At Attention

The Bottom Line:

These books are not GIANT EMOTIONAL FEELS books that will knock your socks off. They are pure comfort reads that feel good like: I’ll be reading that whole backlist now.

Content Warnings:

While these sometimes angsty protagonists often don’t feel particularly high-angst, they still may be dealing with various kinds of trauma including: homophobic families or colleagues, internalized homophobia, disabilities from new injuries, personal chronic illnesses, family members dealing with chronic or terminal illnesses, grief from recent death in the family, financial instability or insecurity, etc. Several of her books also include (difficult) coming out narratives (see homophobia). 

Start With:

Sailor Proof

Series Review

Series Review: Out of Uniform Series by Annabeth Albert (2017)

Heat Factor: It’s pretty sexy. Except for the book with the demisexual protagonist, which is a slower burn, these guys have a lot of sex. Some of it is kinky funtimes, too.

Character Chemistry: The chemistry between the protagonists largely worked for me (I mean, I binged this series HARD, so something was working)

Plot: Navy SEALs navigate queer love in a macho-type workplace while dealing with work-related hurdles and personal dramas

Overall: I’m not always one for the military romance (though more me than Holly or Ingrid), but this series totally did it for me.

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Recommended Read, Review

Review: At Attention by Annabeth Albert (2017)

Out of Uniform, Book #2

Heat Factor: It’s sexy – they get up to all kinds of things when they get some privacy – but it’s mostly yearning 

Character Chemistry: Oh my word, the pining!

Plot: Widower is goaded (jealousy is such an instigator!) into helping out his bestie by letting the little brother room with his family over the summer in exchange for childcare. 

Overall: This book was so charming but it was also delightfully thrilling

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Recommended Read, Review

Review: Sailor Proof by Annabeth Albert (2021)

Shore Leave, Book #1

Heat Factor: Bed sex, bathtub sex, shower sex….lotsa sex 

Character Chemistry: I feel like a heart eyes emoji right now

Plot: Two men who are absolutely not a good match engage in a fake welcome home kiss that turns into a fake relationship that turns into OMG is this a good match?!?!

Overall: This is one of those delightfully tropey romances that feels like a warm hug to read

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Review: Conventionally Yours by Annabeth Albert (2020)

True Colors, Book #1

Heat Factor: Feels like closed door, even though it’s technically not

Character Chemistry: These two felt super wholesome and super young

Plot: New adults road trip to a gaming convention tournament. ONLY ONE CAN WIN.

Overall: These young men made me feel a little old with all their, “What am I going to do with my life!?” crises.

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