Review: In Bed with a Highlander by Maya Banks (2011)

McCabe Trilogy, Book #1

Heat Factor: There’s a blazing fire to keep you nice and warm

Character Chemistry: It works. Amazing sex definitely helps.

Plot: Heiress kidnapped by Bad Man, married “for her own protection” to badass Highland laird

Overall: Classic Highlander bodice ripper

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Review: Blue Velvet by Iris Johansen (1985)

Beau Lantry, Book 2

Heat Factor: Blazing sunshine on a tropical island paradise. Bring sunscreen!

Character Chemistry: Eh

Plot: They keep saying they are facing a lot of danger but the stakes never feel really high.

Overall: Holy Purple Prose, Batman!

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Review: Nights of Fire by Patricia Pellicane (1993)

Heat Factor: I mean, it’s called Nights of Fire. The name checks out.

Character Chemistry: Physical chemistry – 5 stars. Emotional chemistry – 1 star.

Plot Development: Completely Bonkers

Overall: Mixed Feelings

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