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Stranger Danger Week: Recap

We’ve now each read a category romance novel from the 1980s with the word “stranger” in the title.

Here are our reviews: Holly on Shadowed Stranger, Ingrid on Sight of a Stranger, and Erin on Imperfect Stranger.

So, are strangers sexy?

Holly: Well, I guess strangers are mysterious and exciting, which could be sexy if that’s what you’re into. 

Erin: That’s gonna be a no from me.

Ingrid: I mean, I maintain that there can absolutely be a very visceral and thrilling sense of immediate attraction with a “stranger” but in this book I think “stranger” was a loose term…

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Rant, Review

Review: Imperfect Stranger by Carrole Lerner (1985)

Heat Factor: Sorry, not sorry: sex outside marriage will disappoint both Bree and God

Character Chemistry: Simply, no

Plot: Bree promised herself that she would never be with an unbeliever again, so it’s a real problem that her current assignment is, like, the love of her life. (We know this because she falls out of love with the old guy and into love with the new guy in 24 hours.)

Overall: So. Much. Jesus. And OMG the end. I can’t. 

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Review: Sight of a Stranger by Sandra Field (1981)

Heat Factor: There’s no whoopie and minimal other stuff. The real heat comes from the drrrrrrama.

Character Chemistry: Blaise and Shannon are kind of a classic “you can’t deny their chemistry” type couple, and I could see people really liking this in the 80’s.

Plot: Shannon is recovering (pitifully) from a car accident (which resulted in the loss of her vision) caused by her ex-fiance when she’s swept up by her ex-fiance’s half brother, who is determined to white knight the shit out of her.

Overall: Do you like both romantic AND family drama? Do you like silly ninnies who are mostly helpless? How about emotionally immature men who don’t know how to have feelings? Do you like heroines whose career goals involve helping a brilliant man? This one’s for you.

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Review: Shadowed Stranger by Carole Mortimer (1982)

Heat Factor: Bruising kisses, plus one scene where they remove all their clothes (but don’t get far because Rick has broken ribs)

Character Chemistry: They bring out the worst in each other

Plot: Robyn falls for an older man, and then discovers he’s not who he says he is

Overall: If you dig dubcon kisses and predatory age gaps, then this was a quick and oddly compelling read

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80s Category Romances: Stranger Danger

Doing this blog together may have exacerbated our smut-collecting tendencies. Case in point: last year Erin bought a whole box of 80s category romances. Obviously, we had to read (and discuss) these treasures together.

One of our goals for 2023 is therefore to do a couple of focused weeks on 80s category romance, each loosely organized around a theme. In February, we talked mustaches. This time around, it’s all about Stranger Danger.

(Full Disclosure: Our smut-collecting is even more out of control than it was last year, and this theme was inspired by some smut that Holly found in a neighborhood book box. Erin and Ingrid hit up the used book store.)

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