Review: Be Your Anything by Jillian Liota (2019)

Hermosa Beach, Book 2

Review of Hermosa Beach, Book 1

Heat Factor: ehhhhh….

Character Chemistry: Warm/hot but with a bucket of cold water 

Plot: Friends try out a casual hookup situation but can’t seem to stop!   

Overall: This is a well-written book that I ultimately did not finish because I just couldn’t connect with the somewhat entitled and off-putting characters.

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Review: Mindgames by Jasmine Gold (2019)

Heat Factor: Torture porn

Character Chemistry: Troubled

Plot: A textured look at a dystopia built on an extreme form of slavery

Overall: There is definitely an audience for this book, but it is not me. If you’re a superfan of Anne Rice’s Sleeping Beauty trilogy, you might like it?

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