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Series Review: Wind Dragons MC by Chantal Fernando (2014)

Heat Factor: There is a great deal of graphic sex, but they all have mostly the same sex so you’ll know if you’re into it after one nibble.

Character Chemistry: She’s my woman. What else is there?

Plot: Bikers manufacture drama by being super duper macho and having beefs with other bikers and people

Overall: Good if you like a little MC romance without going full dark emotional mess

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Review: His Secretary’s Nine-Month Notice by Cathy Williams (2020)

Heat Factor: She’s a virgin with a magic vagina, folks

Character Chemistry: I’m not at all convinced because I had no insight into their relationship

Plot: Not what you’d expect

Overall: I was bored.

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Review: Love Hard by Nalini Singh (2020)

Hard Play, Book 3

Review of Hard Play, Book 1

Heat Factor: I’m going to resist this…maybe I don’t want to…please put your hands on me

Character Chemistry: He asks her to be his wings! 

Plot: Famous single parent meets a sexy former acquaintance

Overall: So satisfying

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