Review: Sorrento Seduction by Hanna Park (2022)

Part of the Passports to Pleasure Series of standalone romances

Heat Factor: The last bit is a big ole sexathon. On a boat. 

Character Chemistry: Instalust becomes instalove

Plot: Hattie goes on vacation and meets an Italian hottie

Overall: There were some gaps and I was left with…questions

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My First Smut

My First Smut: Seduced by Grandma’s Harlequins

My First Smut is a recurring feature where we talk about our formative smut experiences. These short confessionals may include such details as: What book did you read? How old were you? Were there other people involved? What made the experience special? What role does smut play in your life?

This week, romance author Hanna Park talks about stealing her grandmother’s Harlequins.

First romance novel you read:

Can’t recall the name – but I was hooked on my grandmother’s Harlequin romances. The beautiful people on the cover – the far off destination.

How old were you?

I believe I was 12 years old when I read my first romance ….gawky and out of sorts with the world….too shy to talk to a living and breathing boy….ye gods!

How’d you get your hands on the book?

Ah..grandmother was never looking, and she would never miss one or two. Those books were pretty tame, but they made my 12 year old heart sing. Much later in life I discovered the Lords of the Underworld by Gena Showalter. Hot. Hot. Hot. I was hooked. Then came along, Fifty Shades of Grey…clench your thighs hot!

What was the reading experience like?

Addictive—totally addictive. Slam the door shut, I was hooked from the first Harlequin. The handsome rake and the alluring, often headstrong, beautiful woman….falling in love in the most exotic destinations…a world away from mine. How exciting!

What made the experience special?

The heat. Losing myself completely. Burning through those steamy pages with a nice glass of wine (the older me, not the 12 year old me…lol). Hot Damn! I need me more!

What role does smut play in your life?

Smut obsessed. Reader turned Writer, naturally. My end game – sharing happily ever after moments with every smexy reader in Romancelandia. Sláinte!


I began my writing career in the pre-dawn of a winter morning while my husband snored like a train. We could call my husband the catalyst. If it weren’t for him, I would never have gone to the kitchen to make a pot of coffee, feed the cat, and sit on the loveseat in front of the fire. It was there, in those moments of wondrous quiet, that I did something I had never thought possible. I opened my laptop, and while the coffee went cold, I wrote a story. My husband had no idea that these sojourns to the loveseat in front of the fire would become a daily occurrence, that writing would become an obsession, but the cat knew. She knows everything. I write stories that make you laugh, make you cry, and make you love. Thank you, friends, for reading!

In the beginning, there was an empty page.

I am a writer who lives in Muskoka, Canada, with a husband who snores, a hungry cat, and an almost perfect canine––he’s an adorable little shit.


Thanks Hanna! We look forward to reading Hanna’s book, Sorrento Seduction—sounds like a fun read with beautiful people in an far off destination, which is exactly what winter reading calls for. Watch this space for a review coming soon!

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