Review: The Beastly Earl by Monica Burns (2019)

The Reckless Rockwoods, Book #5

Heat Factor: They succumb to their lust, but it’s not too scintillating.

Character Chemistry: “I’m going to heal your inadequacy complex with my TLC.”

Plot: It’s a lot: wounded war hero, guilty widow, psychopath, vengeful mother, etc.

Overall: I have some concerns.

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Review: Respect for Christmas by Grace Burroughs (2016)

Heat Factor: Fade to black

Character Chemistry: She’s jaded after years of being the most sought-after courtesan in London, but he makes her feel sparks

Plot: Two lonely souls are traveling to Oxfordshire. Their coachmen intervene to keep them together as long as possible. 

Overall: Moderately heartwarming, but no butterflies

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Review: Lady Bridget’s Diary by Maya Rodale (2016)

Keeping up with the Cavendishes, Book 1

Heat Factor: Sparks

Character Chemistry: You are dreadful! I hate you. Wait. Maybe I don’t hate you? I certainly don’t hate your kisses.  

Plot: Pride and Prejudice, with a few deviations. 

Overall: I did a lot of snort-laughing.

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Review: Bound in Flame by Katherine Kayne (2019)

The Hawaiian Ladies’ Riding Society, Book #1

Heat Factor: She’s on fire. The sex is not (and it’s not meant to be, really).

Character Chemistry: Yes.

Plot: I can’t even begin…

Overall: Try a little something different on for size.

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