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Lyssa Kay Adams in conversation with Andie J. Christopher at One More Page Books

I wandered over to One More Page Books in Falls Church last week for another fun author talk. One More Page is an indie bookstore with a relatively small footprint but an excellently curated collection of diverse books, chocolate, and wine. What else do you need? They also put sticky notes on book spines to talk to potential readers. Delightful.

Look at that excellent smut curation!

One More Page often hosts author talks and book launches for romance, but this was the first time I’ve been able to make my way across the river. 

I wandered in to find a line of book purchasers and a small group of women seated before authors Lyssa Kay Adams and Andie J. Christopher. Where were the open seats? Right up front. So I walked my awkward self up there and tried to be friendly. And before long, our author talk began. Christopher, whose next book, Not That Kind of Guy, will release in April, was a witty and playful interviewer, so the conversation was light and fun.

Lyssa Kay Adams and Andie J. Christopher

Adams released book two of her Bromance Book Club series, Undercover Bromance, on March 10, so discussion centered on the new release and the themes of the series. If you’ve never heard the series origin story (I hadn’t), it goes like this: Adams’s husband is a sports writer, so one day she wondered what it would be like if she locked her husband and a bunch of his friends in a room with a bunch of romance novels…and then made them feminist. The result is the Bromance Book Club, and many of the conversations introducing Gavin to the club in The Bromance Book Club are based on this hypothetical conversation. 

Yeah, it’s fun to get your book signed by the author, but the really fun thing about author talks is that they almost always provide insight into the author’s thoughts and goals. We can speculate about intention while reading, but knowing what an author was trying to achieve or why an author believed something was important can flip switches that change the reader experience. 

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Review: The Bromance Book Club by Lyssa Kay Adams (2019)

Bromance Book Club, Book 1

Heat Factor: moderately warm

Character Chemistry: Pretty good, for a marriage in meltdown. But I liked the Bromances best.

Plot: Marriage in Trouble! Romance novels to the rescue!

Overall: It’s fun, but it’s especially great as an intro-to-romance book.

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