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Dueling Review: Dear Aaron by Mariana Zapata (2017)

If Ingrid were to review this book, she would call it a Recommended Read. If Erin were to review this book, she would write a Rant. Clearly, we needed to review this book together. 

Welcome to Dueling Reviews

Moderated by Holly, who is vastly entertained by Erin and Ingrid duking it out.

Erin’s Take:

Heat Factor: Totally vanilla.

Character Chemistry: They deserve each other.

Plot: I shouldn’t ask you this, it’s none of my business, you don’t have to answer.

Overall: I’d think Aaron was totally hot if I didn’t know I could bowl him over with the force of my personality.

Ingrid’s Take:

Heat Factor: It’s a steamy, fudgy, vanilla ice cream SUNDAE.

Character Chemistry:They’re like sweet, slightly damaged puzzle pieces

Plot: Young, isolated, emotionally inexperienced young woman becomes pen pal to army man stationed overseas. They bond deeply. To make this into a real relationship, they have to mature emotionally and find a way to communicate. Also, very sexy funtimes.

Overall: These guys aren’t perfect, but the way they bungle their way into a match made in heaven is steamy, sexy, and kind of cute.

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