Review: Open House by Ruby Lang (2019)

Uptown, Book 2

Review of Uptown, Book 1

Heat Factor: Holy awkward phone sex, batman!

Character Chemistry: That thing where he teaches her to have better self-esteem

Plot: Gentrification in Harlem makes our relationship complicated

Overall: This is mostly a sweet novella, but I HATED their dynamic

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Review: Playing House by Ruby Lang (2019)

Uptown, Book 1

Heat Factor: It’s…warm and fuzzy

Character Chemistry: They are very cute together–and very polite.

Plot: Fay is recently divorced and Oliver is recently unemployed. When the meet up in an open house, sparks fly and a romance progresses–but Oliver is up for a job at Fay’s company. Miscommunication ensues, etc. 

Overall: I’m a very proper person and this one might have been a tad too proper for me.

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